A couple of weeks ago, we flew to New York to see your grandparents. We had not seen them since January, back when you were tiny. COVID kept us apart for months, but finally, we were going to be reunited.

It was also your birthday, which made this somehow…

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In 1965, the CEO of an average large public company earned about twice as much as a front line worker. Today, that figure is 278 times.

The trend began to take shape in the 70s. For literally hundred of years, Wall Street was predicated upon pushing capital into business and mortgages. That all changed over the last twenty or so years. Bankers got creative, slimy, and above all- greedy.

If you want to go big, you…

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This is a particularly bad time for a pandemic.

The Epidemic Intelligence Service, a program born of the CDC, is “kind of like a secret society, but for saving people” according to Dr. Francis Riedo, a graduate of the program and an infectious disease doctor from Seattle. …

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Back in 2020, for the first time in human history, the entire world was focused on a singular problem.

Although at the time of this writing I cannot tell you whether we solved the problem -or even how long it took -I can tell you that our collective realties suddenly…

If you’re an NBA fan, stop me if you’ve heard this before:

“Minutes restrictions and load management are screwing up the game!”

“Players today are too worried about their brands!”

“These guys are all buddies, and they are just too damn soft!”

Well, what if I told you ( 30…

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Perspective is a powerful, often under-utilized force.

If you were to travel back in time and explain the internet of 2020 (and I mean all of it, down to the hardware landscape that it lays upon) to someone in the year 1920, it would be a pretty bizarre conversation. …

The first Duke of Sussex was Prince Augustus Frederick, a son of King George III. As the ninth child and sixth son of the King, his chances of sitting on the throne were slim. …

I never understood what running a marathon had to with raising money for charity. I felt it was a convenient partnership laid upon terrific marketing.

Nevertheless, When I signed up for a charity marathon in April benefiting parents of special needs children, I thought I would be doing something for…

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I’m turning 30 tomorrow, and I really have not spent much time reflecting on what that means to me, or to the people around me.

A large reason why I have essentially avoided the internal dialogue is because I have spent much of my emotional energy this year…

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I always fed into the system. Well, at least I did for most of my life.

Born into Grandma and Grandpa’s home, things were always a certain way…

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Looking to find my truth.

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